VIDEO: Police brutality on Zeljeznicar - Zrinjski 24.8.2011

On B&H Premier league match between Zeljeznicar and Zrinjski police again showed high level of brutality.

On Bosnia and Herzegovina Premier league match between Zeljeznicar Sarajevo and Zrinjski Mostar police again showed high level of brutality. On half time they attacked Zrinjski fans and chase them out of stadium. According to local media writing and discussion on our forum, reason for this was national singing of Zrinjski fans. Zrinjski is Croatian club from Mostar.
As you probably know, in Bosnia and Herzegovina lives 3 nations: Bosnians, Croats and Serbs. And they are not crazy about each other.
Sadly, situations like this are very often in B&H.

VIDEO (acab at 2:30)




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