Hallescher FC - Hansa Rostock 01.12.2017

Hellescher Hansa 53

Germany: Both sides with a good show!

Great start on this weekend with match in German 3rd division. 

Fans of Hallescher made a good show with flares, the same did fans of Hansa Rostock.

Distance from Rostock to Halle is 370km.



Hellescher Hansa 3

Hellescher Hansa 1

Hellescher Hansa 4

Hellescher Hansa 2

Hellescher Hansa 5


Hansa Rostock:

Hellescher Hansa 51

Hellescher Hansa 52

Hellescher Hansa 53

Hellescher Hansa 54



Source: www.uisf.de

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