Interview with La Familia (Beitar Jerusalem-Israel)

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La Familia 

UT: Hi Itzik! First introduce yourself, please!
My name is Itzik, I am a fan of Beitar Jerusalem and i am an active member (a drummer) in our group La Familia


UT:Please tell us a bit history of your group.
Our group is quiet new. After we had a group ULTRAS Lions Den that has fall apart in 2003 because of fighting over money, In 2005 some people from curva has decided to bring together La Familia (it means the family in spanish). For a new group we have made nice chores until now.

UT:Are there other ultra groups from your team?
No, there was an underground group called the Tradition Keepers but they stopped doing stuff. La Familia controls all of our curva and is welcomed by almost everybody.

UT:What do other fans from your team mean about your group? Do they like the way you support or has it been any problems?
There hasn't been problems by now, the only thing we care is singing, and making tifo shows so that don't intrupt no body.

UT:You say your group have made some nice tifo-showes. Which one do you mean was the best? You have a picture of it?
Well, I don't know if that was the best but it surly was the one i liked the most. It was show for Beitar existing for 70 years.
Here is a picture:
user posted image

UT: How is your own relation to the club?
My relation to my club is very powerful, i grow up and i live in Jerusalem and everybody here is crazy for Beitar. It's a city of football. I started going to picthes in the age of 12 until today. In this summer we even went to Bulgaria and Romania for our matches against Dinamo Bucaresti. (Our home game was in Bulgaria for security issues).

UT:Have your group a good relationship with your club?
Our group has really good relationship with the club, we talk with the owner, and we even made a giant flag for him...

UT:Do your group have problems with the police?
Yes, the police in jerusalem is by far the hardest police. A lot of our active members get bans from football over the year, but the bans here are for maximum a year. All of football fans in israel hate those bastards. A.C.A.B!

UT:Politic, is that something your group care about?
Our group is right-wing. we usually care only about our team and group, but since Beitar Jerusalem was founded (1936) there hasn't been an arab player in the team and the fans are trying to keep it that way.

UT:How many members do you have? Can everybody become a member?
We about 50-70 active members (Pyro, chores and stuff), and more 250 active members. Everyone who gives money for the regsteration is a member.

UT:Who is your biggest enemies and friends?
I'll start with our friends... Well we don't have any. "No Body Likes Us, We Don't Care!". We Use to be friends with the crowd of Bnei Yehuda (Another Israeli team), but then they brought an arab player, we tissed them and from there on we fight a lot. About our enemys the biggest are the 2 Tel aviv teams: Hapoel and Maccabi bastards.
We have problems with Hapoel and Maccabi since for ever all most. We fight with Maccabi, Hapoel usually runs. We Also Hate Maccabi Haifa but they are the biggest cowerds, they run like chickens.

UT:How do your group organise away games and tifosi?
Well we usually steal Torches from the port. Or that we buy, but usually we don't. we make other tifosi by phone with our more active members, We set a place, make sure we have all of the things we need (colors, fabric) and then we get to work.

UT:Every group has targets for the future, what are your targets?
Our target is too improve our shows, to improve the singing- and wer'e maybe planing on moving a curva because of some reasons.

UT:Most of us know the situation Isreal have with war and terror problems, does that have a influence at your groups work, games and away games?
The world press is really made a storm in a glass of water.
The situation isn't that bad. We had a "Mini-War" with Lebanon which ended before 2 monthes. But the war wasn't in all of Israel only in the north (far from Jerusalem). Now the army fights with the Palasthinains terrorist, and they bomb a small town called Shderot but besides that the rest of Israel is safe like all of Europe. The Palasthinains use to send people to bomb there self in buses and other places but the Military thank god has stopped that. That dosen't affect us at all.

UT:Can you give us some info about the ultra scene in Isreal? Who do you mean have the best group and support?
I wrote a full topic about that which explains everything:

UT:What ultra-scene is your group inspired of?
La Familia is sort of a mix of europian Ultras and Bara Bravas from Argentina. Our crowd reminds me of Boca Juniurs (Of course were not good as them but you know what I mean).

UT:Any last words to our members?
This is great community, and a great forum...
Liberta' Per Gli ULTRAS!!!

Thanks to our member "La Famila" (Itzik) for this interview! Ultras-tifo wish you good luck in the future bye1.gif

(This interview was done in November 2006)