Interview with Ultras Mostar (Zrinjski Mostar - Bosnia & Herzegowina)

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Ultras-Tifo : Hi Goran! First introduce yourself, please!
hi to all... I am Goran from Mostar and I am member of Ultras Mostar (ultra group of Zrinjski Mostar)...

UT: Tell us a bit of the history of your group.
We were founded in april 1994.You know in that time there was war in Bosnia and Herzegowina,and there were not many games in our city,but Zrinjski played games in Imotski (Croatia) in that time and our ultra members went to those games.
In 1994 we played a finale league game against Zrinjski-Mladost (today Siroki Brijeg) and on that game our members put for the 1st time a banner of Ultras.
In 1997 (when the war was over) Ultras Mostar started to go to all games (home and away),and we were 1st whowent to Muslims teritory on away game against Zeljeznicar in Sarajevo.
(btw Muslims and Croatians were in war and there are still lot of hate).

UT: What is the meaning of Ultras-Mostar and how is your relation to your town ?

Meaning of Ultras Mostar is just like our name say, Ultras, which mean that we go to every game, we make much pyro, coreos and other tifosi at our games.
We have good relation with our city.

UT: Who are your rivals or friends?
Our main rivals are Red Army (Velez Mostar), they are our city rivals.
Horde zla (Gangs of evil) (Sarajevo),The Maniacs (Zeljeznicar).
Our friend is Torcida from Hajduk Split.

UT: Is there an other ultra group from HSK Zrinjski ?
There is no other ultra group from HSK Zrinjski Mostar bacuse we all belong to Ultras Mostar, and we all feel like Ultras Mostar..

UT: Have your group political tendences ?
We are little bit right orientated…

UT: Tell us a bit of the whole scene of Ultras-Mostar and the general organisation (Awaygames, etc.)
The group always travel as a group to away games and we always stick together. We have sometimes busses that the group order, but not always, its a bit hard because of money problems. In other cases we go with cars or with vans...

UT: Can you tell someting about the Bosnian scene?
First I will say that there is not Bosnian scene, Its Bosnian and Herzegowinan scene. We are for example from Herzegowina. But I will answer that question.
In BiH biggest groups are Ultras Mostar,Horde zla (Sarajevo),The Maniacs (Zeljeznicar),Robijasi (Celik Zenica),Vultures (Borac),Red Army (Velez).
There are more groups like Skripari,Poskoci,Fukare,Sila Nebeska,but they are all smaller.

UT: Every group has targets for the future, what are your targets?
Well our targets for the future are to be better then today, to be best in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
We want to have more members, to go to away games with more people, to make bigger and better coreos and pyro-actions, to make better banners and to make more and better flags, like most groups want to.

UT: How do you finance your group tifo´s and tours?
We finance by ourselves… Everything that we do is payed from our pockets.
We get our money from memberships in Ultras Mostar and sale of group material like scarves, t-shirts and other stuff...

UT: Have you a good relationship with your club?
Our relationship with the club is going better.You know in past our club association didn`t think off us. They thought that they didn`t need us, but they saw that they were wrong, and now relationship is better than in before, but it can still be much better!

UT: What is your opinion of the Ultramovement in Europe, what scene do you like most and which scene have a good development?
My opinion of the ultra movement is good. I like Italian scene most, esspecially Napoli Ultras, Iriducibulli Lazio, Boys San Inter. I like the Greek scene too, esspecially Gate 13, PAOK , Gate 7, Olympiakos. In my opinion best development is the Austrian scene, I like Ultras Rapid and Tornados Rapid…

UT: We will finish this interview here, is there something more you will say?
I would like to say to other members that I want all to see one time our city derby… It is the best derby for me…. and I want to thank my friend Boris who helped me to answer those questions..

Thanks a lot to Goran and his friend Boris for this interview!

(This interview was made in July 2006)