Drugs and football

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beer and drugs inside



Football and intoxication. Mmmmh... What a lovely combination. Lots of supporters around the world take some drugs or drink some alcohol before matches, and some even do it inside the football stadium. But thats not easy, with security who search you in at the enterance and cameras everywhere which could read your ID if you held your card up.
Ultras-Tifo have conducted some research to find out whats the best drug or drink you can use inside your stadium. We'll also make sure to let you know what reactions you get by using this stuff. Common reaction to these products is that you might be happy and laugh, even when your team play bad. You can also end up getting very angry at very small things, and your reactions might send you to jail.
And just to make it clear, we are not experts in drugs, and we dont encourage people to use it.

Cannabis: To use this you really need some relaxed music and appropriate food (munchies), at least have it close to where you're smoking.
Positive: Cannabis can make your matches fun, no doubt about that, even when you lose. But who needs this "help" when you're in a good group? Maybe not you, but there are people who dont stay with good groups or have a great team to watch, they might need it!
Negative: It smells, it smells a lot, and everybody know what that smell is, so its quite abvious what you are smoking. It might give you problems with security or police.
Conclusion: You can try it, it might work!

Heroin: Powerfull stuff!!! If you start on this your mother will be angry at you.
Positive: Easy to get inside stadiums. As a supporter, heavy drugs can sometimes be an adventage - not to say, highly needed.
Negative: You need equipment for using it. Needles are easy to spot, and I dont think the cops believe you if you say you have diabetes and need insulin... Over some time it can also give your body a "broken look", and you soon wear old jackets, mostly with strange colors. Most likely you wont understand why people around you celebrate, and if you understand, your body will be so fucked that you cant celebrate with them.
Conclusion: Stay away from it!

Addicted to heroin? This might help you: Inpatient heroin addiction treatment program.

Beer: Its classic! Maybe daring to say, but beer is not good to use inside stadiums (unless its allowed).
Positive: Football and beer is tradition! It tastes good and you can cheer some with the guy on your side.
Negative: It taste good and you HAVE to cheer some with the guy on your side. You also need lot of beer to get drunk, and that might give you problems in the entrance when cops search you. And when you finally get in with some beers, and stay in midle of a huge crowd, you have to pee! What you do then? Hours until you reach a toilet or something....
Conclution: Its sad to say, but beer is better to drink before and after matches.

Booze (or strong alcohol): One again, this is classic when it come to football!
Positive: Football and alcohol is tradition! It might taste good and you can cheer some with the guy on your side. Also, no need to pee every 10 minutes, and you only need one little bottle to get drunk!
Negative: It might taste good and you HAVE to cheer some with the guy on your side.
Conclusion: Go for it!

God (religion): Some people believe in this, can be positive and negative, depends on what you believe...
Positive: As some alcoholics use to say: "Before we were filled up with beer and booze, now we are filled up with God". Its a cheap way of living.
Negative: It can also be an expensive way of living... And you will get a huge "hangover" if/when you find out the whole religion was bullshit.
Conclusion: Try to wait with this.

Glue: Together with lightergas this was for some youths at schoool a must. Not much known in the football, but maybe it's time for it?
Positive: Easy to get in and no one react on you until you have your nose deep in the glue. It can also be used to other things, like sticking different stuff together.
Negative: Unpleasant for you and those around you. Pills to get on clothes and fingers.
Conclusion: Not modern anymore, try something else.

Ecstacy: For the ultimate party.
Positivt: Will be fucking wild when you score, most likely you climb over the fence and run naked over the pitch with a flare in your hand.
Negative: Will be fucking wild when you score, most likely you climp over the fence and run naked over the pitch. If you dont get over the fence, you might end up in some anal-train-dance with other ecstasy lads.
Conclusion: This is for youths and nightclubs!