French supporters protest against sport tv channel

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Money change match days in French football.

A new big corporation took the control of football in France this summer. Name of this industry with a lot of dirty petrol dollars is BeInsport (sport TV channel from Qatar). LFP (Liga de Fútbol Profesional)  accepted their money and now BeInsport decide when the matches would be played.

In first league they say:

- one match on Friday at 21h
- one match on Sunday at 14h, one at 17h and one at 19h.

In second league even worse decisions:

- Friday matches kick off time changed from 21h to 18:45h
- one match on Saturday 14h
- one match on Monday 21h

Of course this changes makes life of real supporters very hard. It's almost impossible to travel on away matches, specially for supporters in 2nd league.


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