Wisla Krakow - Gornik Zabrze 01.12.2012

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Poland: Wisla supporters protest.

Wisla supporters protest against politicians in Poland. Short explained Wisla Supporters got enough of bans, prohibition of bringing flags and high fines for pyrotechnics.


The protest is twofold, one case is for all Polish fans and the second case is more local experience.

- After Euro 2012 it's been forbidden with "public drinking". Especially when football supporters stand with a beer in their hand they can suddenly be attacked by riot police as they are breaking the law (!).

- Another scenario is a group of teenagers walk in street and behave quite loud with songs. Police come and give fines for "disturbing public order".

- During one of the last matches some Ultras collected money (for Tifo, trips etc.), which is very normal, they got arrested and had to explain what they were doing.

Reason: One police officer meant they were running an illegal assembly! After phone call to City Council (They have consent from them and club to do these collections) they could go.

- You are threatened as criminal for lighting a flare, even thought most fans and clubs enjoy a little extra show during matches.

- Police are breaking the laws about "personal data protection", especially on away trips. Example is when taking train police take list with full name together with personal identification number of people traveling. Or you are set up on a line and taken photos of.

- Wisla Krakow as club never help and defend their own fans. Example is when away fans are not allowed, club do not help change that.

Supporters of Wisla do not agree with the policy of the club, and fans of the club should be respected. Without fans there wont be any club.

- Problem with stewards and security.

Photos & Videos from protest:

Source: www.skwk.pl