Police officer stabbed during Greek cup match

www.ultras-tifo.netGreece: Two police officers injured during match between Panachaiki - Olympiakos.


Greece: Two police officers injured during match between Panachaiki - Olympiakos.


Two police officers were injured before the start of the cup match between Panachaiki and Olympiakos in Patras Wednesday evening. One of the guardians of the law was stabbed in the back with a sharp object, and the other was hit in the eye with a metal object, probably a knuckle-duster. Both were taken to Patras hospital.

The clashes began when a group of Olympiakos fans attempted to enter the stadium without tickets. In an attempt to repulse them, police officers who guarded the entrance, used tear gas and the reaction of the fans was not late.

Poor refereeing of football judge Dimitropoulos also caused heavy clashes between fans of Olympiakos and Panahaiki from Patras. Commentators identified the match for the Cup of Greece as a derby, however, not on the football field, but in the stands.

The game was stopped in the 88th minute after a "rain" of various items thrown on pitch and against referees. Dimitropoulos was forced to give the final whistle in order to protect himself, his colleagues and players of both teams from the wrath of angry fans.

10 supporters are reported arrested, mostly fans of Olympiakos.

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