Life2Fight - free browser game for fans

We present you new online game for football fans.

L2F is certainly one of the most interesting games for the supporters where you can play for free without having to download a client.

The game takes the leader of the sports fans to create their own crews, which develop during the game with new characters, same as their equipment.

Experience and money with which you can use to develop your gang are  earned ​​after the fight for the city in several different locations with dozens of bots. A good solution is a system of quests to get the bar from the bartender. The stadium fight with real crews from around the world.

After month you can also participate in eliminations to the playoffs.

In the game there are also very interesting league alliances where you can create one or join an existing and together with other players in the league participate in fights.

The game has a very interesting storyline, the graphics are fully professional and it has amazing gameplay.

Most importantly to play L2F you don't need any additional software - just a web browser ;)


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