Bad Blue Boys Boycott

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This season BBB started full boycott of all home and away matches. We got email from one of them explaining us the whole situation.


Bad Blue Boys (Dinamo Zagreb ultras) this season started full boycott of all home and away matches (so thats why they were not on derby against Hajduk, as we mentioned in article Hajduk Split - Dinamo Zagreb 11/9/2010). We got email from one of them explaining us the whole situation.

In order to fully understand this story you must know the story behind the person we are boycotting against. BBB are boycotting against the „executive vice-president“ of the club. Title that probably doesn't exist anywhere else. That „executive vice-president“, from now of called Zdravko Mamić, is actually in charge of the club and turned the club into his own business. The true president of the club is just a figure and never speaks up in media or anything. In clubs board there is only one ex-football player, all others are some lawyers, doctors, bank officials and other controversial type of guys, but the point is, nobody knows they got there except that Mamić put them there and now they always vote for him on their meetings.


But here is the thing with Mamić just last few years he embarrassed our club too many times to count! For example, he calls up a press conference then swears to all the media, curses God name, he hides under the desk, like it's some circus... Couple years ago when Dinamo won against Ajax in Amsterdam and passed in UEFA League, he did striptease on the national airport, tore up Dinamo shirt, gave 100 EURO tips to all the gypsy band members which he hire to welcome him like a hero, had a fight with some supporters, yelled at them and accused them that they are Serbs, Muslims and sons of Yugoslavia army officers, destroyers of Croatia, some messed up stuff mostly...

zdravko mamic show aerodrom
Zdravko Mamic (Dinamo vice-president) show on airport in Zagreb after win against Ajax

Then there is his weird transfer policy... Every year he says that Dinamo will not sell their best players, but then, usually just before important European matches he sells them all. And that happens every year. In last 5 years, Dinamo made over 100 milion Euros of profit and is the third club in the world by profit from selling players, but he buys some lower-league players for few thousand euros, or goes in South America and buy some third-class players for cheap money...catastrophic transfer policy. Dinamo has the best youth school in region, and most of the Croatian national team consists of players from Dinamo youth school, but he just keeps selling them first year he can make couple of millions on them.


Liar and a criminal with a lot of Zagreb underground scene behind him. Once he hit a policeman with a car, and a few year later (!!) during a court, policeman said that he doesn't remember what happened! Last month his brother, who is „sports director“ in club and is in charge for scouting for new players and to give „advice“ to coach on the field has been accused of fixing a match, at last year cup final Dinamo – Hajduk.
And he was accused by UEFA investigators... But then UEFA gave that investigation under control of Croatian Football Association whose chairman said before that „he will eat shit if Mamić is guilty.“ Of course, once the UEFA gave that investigation under control of CFA they said that Mamić isn't guilty and free of all charges. Funny shit, ha?


In Zdravko Mamić reign, Dinamo changed more than 20 coaches in last 10 years. Once 3 in one season. Zdravko Mamić once said that if he had Torcida Split on his side, he would conquer the world. He said once that Yugoslavia was the best country that ever existed. He also said that he knows all the songs from Crvena Zvezda and Partizan Belgrade.
Once he arranged a „friendly“ match against OFK Belgrade. I could probably say even more awful things he did, but the point is you get the big picture here about what kind of person he is. But now it has crossed the line which made us boycott all home and away matches...

Mamic, you are not Dinamo!

This year Dinamo went in the new season with a new coach, ex-player, Dinamo legend, Velimir „Zeko“ Zajec. Zeko had this whole game philosophy based on our best striker Mandukic. After the first European match, against Koper at home which we won 5-1, Mandukic scored 2 goals and had 2 assists, the „next day“ Mamić sold him to Wolfsburg for couple of millions. At that point, our club was shit. Then came the match against the Moldavian Sheriff. 1-1 away, and then at home, 1-1 also. Sheriff won on penalties, but the thing is, we were better whole match but there was no one to score a goal. But, we continued in Europa League against Gyor. But, while Zeko was in Hungary scouting our next opponent, Mamić was on his yacht cruising on the Adriatic sea, got caught singing Hajduk songs, and then he called Zeko on the phone (!!) and fired him! At that point we decided that it's time for full boycott.


BBB in last few years have been divided in few „fractions“ because of some different point of views on some stuff and there were some bad things happening to us, which reflected on our numbers, support and everything else...but Mamić still probably doesn't know how much this boycott against him united us all again. We have clear demands that we want him, his brother and the whole complete board to leave the club once and for all. From president to secretaries. We are boycotting all home and away matches, even the European. Dinamo will not have the support of the BBB until our demands are set. There is a lot of pressure on him this days from supporters to media. He got scared and actually done a few good moves since our boycott started. He hired a good coach, got a few good players in and paid some real money for them. His position is shaking and he can feel it. The question is, why hasn't he done that few years ago and kept them together to make some good team and good results?! But, it's too late now. Dinamo plays on the worst stadium on the world without a roof or now when winter starts and rain and snow and cold kicks in, there will be nobody on the stadium, just the away supporters...I hope that then people will understand that football is being played for supporters and not for one mans greed.

BBB watching Gyor - Dinamo in cinema

We had a few actions in this boycott to reflect it. We organized the public forum in which we talked about the future of Dinamo and invited media to it. We also invited some politicians, people in charge of Zagreb mostly, who came, and we invited some club representative, but they didn't send no one. We are planing to do this again. On big matches we watch the game together in a movie theater or some similar position in city, and smaller matches we listen on the radio in our headquarters hehe. We have numerous posters and graffiti all over the town and country against him. In Zagreb, on every bigger road there is a huge sheet with some kind of message against him... We don't expect for him to leave so easily or soon, but we need to start somewhere, and this is just a first step.

Messages on streets of Zagreb against Zdravko Mamic

Well... I hope you get the picture now...

For end, here is the video of boycott... there is this big banner which says:


You killed Dinamo pride, tainted his holy name... now you have full pockets but empty stadium!

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