Indonesia - Liverpool 20.07.2013 Support your local team???

Friendly match: Support your local team???


What a show! Pyro and songs during 90 minutes, big flags, card display and fences covered by banners. Fans even showed up at last training to support their beloved players before the very important friendly match. Fantastic mentality, or?

There is one problem, they didn't support Indonesia. The locals did all this for Liverpool(!?).


Just to make it clear. This none important friendly match was played in Indonesia. Liverpool are from England, very far from Indonesia. The stadium were filled up with local fans, but they all supported the English club!!!

1) Always support your local team!

2) At least support your own nation in your own country.


We are not surprised to see glory hunters supporting those famous clubs such as Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, Barcelona and all that. These clubs earn a lot by traveling around the world each summer to satisfier their TV-supporters.

We can live with that, but we get upset when we see supporters putting this much effort in supporting a none local team, against their own national team!


This just prove pictures can lie. It looks very good judging from the picture above, but there is no mentality.

We wont say who is "Ultras" and who is not "Ultras", we all have our thoughts about that. What we don't like is self-declared "Ultras" copying everything from the European scene.

It's fantastic that fans around the world want to improve their support for their clubs. But let others decide whether you are Ultras or not. Big respect to all those fans we have seen in recent months, especially from Asian countries, who creates very good show while supporting their local clubs, that is nice to see.

But please remember, Ultras is not something you just can call yourself, Ultras is a way of living. It's a lifestyle, it's much more than burning a few flares during a match.

One of our main principles are: Supporting your local club, because this club represent the area/city you are born in. Your local club represent schools, streets, and where you and your friends live. Be proud of your city and your local club!


Please read our older article "Who is Ultras".


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