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Bengal firework used for nautical signaling, with rubbing ignition, which emits white smoke and bright light in the following colours: white, red, green, yellow or blue. Available in stock. Duration 60 seconds.
The new version features a removable plastic handle.
This new feature is not just a mere novelty for aesthetic or practical purposes, reducing the bulk of the active segment, with advantages that any user can understand and appreciate.
The use of new materials, in fact, has enabled us to make strides forward in terms of quality, as toxic residues and excess combustion waste are eliminated, bringing improvements to light colours.
Order the new item now from to enjoy the privilege of being the first to test a batch of the new model!

N.B.: sale will be refused to groups held responsible for throwing fireworks at other spectators.

Price: 2.2 euros
Weight: 130 grams

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