ADO Den Haag protest

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www.ultras-tifo.netADO Den Haag supporters blocked the highway.


ADO Den Haag Supporters blocked the highway to Rotterdam.

The mayor of Rotterdam, Aboutaleb, decided to allow only 650 fans from The Hague at the match against Feyenoord (28.11.2010.), because last year there was some incidents with firework, and fans from FC Den Haag moved to another away sector. FC Den Haag wanted more tickets for the game, but that was not accepted by the mayor, so FC Den Haag decided to take no tickets at all then.

Here the firework explode in the crowd (last year):



As reaction for the low number of away tickets, Hague City Firm organized a protest against Modern Football. Around 50-80 cars left the stadium and moved to the highway near Rotterdam. They slowed down, stopped and showd a message.  After 20 minutes they left and returned to the stadium in Den Haag, back at the highway there was a nice 4km long traffic jam.

Police closed the highway and arrested 4 fans from FC Den Haag.