VIDEO: 250 fans injured at football match in Jordan

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250 people were injured Friday evening in a stampede on a stadium in the Amman (Jordan).

jordan football riots
Nearly 250 people were injured Friday (10.12.2010.) evening in a stampede on a stadium in the capital of Jordan, Amman.


Around 250 fans and 30 cops were injured on Friday when an iron railing collapsed during unrest at a football stadium in Amman after a match between two local teams, police said.

"After the fixture between al-Wehdat and al-Faisali, as fans were heading out a group of people outside the stadium started to throw stones at those who were inside," a police spokesman told AFP.

"The fans panicked, and in the stampede to get out the iron fence fell over, injuring 250 people, including 30 policemen. There were no reported deaths."

Matches between the rival teams have a long history of violence, mirroring the divisions between the country's majority Palestinians and native Jordanians, mostly tribes who inhabited the East Bank of the River Jordan before the influx of Palestinians after the creation of Israel in 1948.

Riot police fired teargas and sealed off the stadium's exits, triggering a stampede in which a large metal fence separating the crowds from the playing field collapsed, witnesses said.

Witnesses blamed the police for preventing the Wihdat team fans from leaving the stadium as angry Faisali supporters threw stones at them from outside after their team lost.