Ultras-Tifo Prize Competition

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Hello Ultras! It's time for our big holidays prize competition on Facebook.

Hello Ultras! It's time for our big holidays prize competition. We prepared 6 gifts for you! All you have to do is to be our fan on Facebook and invite all your ultras friends to our fan page.


Lucky winners are (check below prize number list to see what you get)

1. Alexey Kuzin

2. Jesper Krogh

3. Dino Hap

4. Thomas Pit'

5. Piotr Labtecz

6. Matthias Koch

We'll contact you via our official Ultras-Tifo Facebook profile.



Just click on "Suggest to friends". A pop up screen should appear with a list of your friends.  Then click on each ultras friend and when you're done click "Send invitations".








When you do that, write comment "done" on our last status (link) on facebook. That will add you to the game! :) Tomorrow (Wednesday) after 20h (CET) we'll randomly (via random.org) choose 6 lucky winners. But before publish winners names here, we'll check them with FBML Facebook developer tool (if they did or did not send invitations). So don't try to trick us and just write "done" without sending invitations ;)

Ok, now when you know rules, lets talk about prizes :) Our main partner PgWear Ultras Shop gives you 4 great tshirts and 2 pair of gloves. Also Ultrastyl gives you 1000 (2x500) Ultras-Tifo stickers!

1. T-shirt "Football fans injuries" + Thinsulate gloves

2. T-shirt "No one likes us" + Thinsulate gloves

3. T-shirt "Football fans injuries"

4. T-shirt "No one likes us"

5. & 6. 2x500 Ultra-Tifo stickers!

Thanks to our partners (PgWear - great ultras shop, quality clothes for low prices, and Ultrastyl).

Good luck! And please hit "Like" button here: