Hools: Football Club Territory - game for you mobile phone

Hools: Football Club Territory is a location-based mobile multiplayer game.


Hools: Football Club Territory is a location-based mobile multiplayer game, which moves the competition between football club supporters to virtual world.

You begin by registering a new club or joining an existing one. By then inviting your friends you develop the community upon which your club stands.

The goal? To conquer and control districts within your city and beyond. For this you must train and equip yourself, so as always to be ready for a face-to-face encounter with the opposition.

Use your location to capture new districts for your club. We enable users to use real map and location to mark the territory for their club. The map is divided by grid, where each square is a separate district with own wall.

In game you can gain respect through clean, straight fights. If you fight with bare knuckles and you win such a fight, you will gain a lot of respect, if not you will lose it.

Conquer the stadium during matches. Every few days supporters of two opponent teams are meeting on stadium, capture whole stadium for your club!!

Train your character to develop your skills. When you gain more experience, you will be able to develop your character, by developing your skills. Also you can always start training in local gym or in martial art club. Use items to advance your influence, power, and abilities.

The developers of Hools are just a very small team, just two people that with help of friends want to bring you best game.  Game can be download from Google Play (it is free, only Android version is available):


Also visit Hools fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/hoolsterritory