Overview: German 3rd division 2014/2015

www.ultras-tifo.netGermany: Information about fan groups in the third highest division of German football.

Germany: Information about fan groups in the third highest division of German football.

During the past year we published many articles from the German 3. liga (level 3 of German football). Once again the football season in Germany was interesting and especially level 3 caught our attention a few times. Perhaps because nobody expect anything special from such a low division?

All this information is suppose to be up-to-date for the 2014/2015 season. But be aware as smaller mistakes around our information could be wrong, as there is difficult to get facts about some groups on this level. Also photos is not necessary from this season.


Attendance 2014/2015:

Average attendance: 6 755 spectators.

Highest attendance: 31 002!



Arminia Bielefeld and MSV Duisburg got promoted. Holstein Kiel ended 3rd, which gave them play-off (they lost against 1860 Munchen).

Jahn Regensburg, Unterhaching and Borussia Dortmund 2 were relegated.



Ultras-Tifo attended Hansa Rostock

In February Ultras-Tifo attended Hansa Rostock vs. Main 05 U23. Definitely not an interesting match as Mainz didn't bring any fans. Considering Hansa Rostock also had a terrible season (avoided relegation in last round) we didn't expect much of a show at this match.

Inside Ostseestadion the ultras and hooligans of Rostock stood behind one of the goals, probably around 2500 supporters. All of them contributed to the songs for 90 minutes.

Quite often even normal fans on other stands took part in the atmosphere. With 7 300 spectators we ended up being very impressed by the support of this club. Level 3 in Germany and nearly relegated, still fans supported their players 100%!

As usual in Germany you are served beer inside the stands, that made this visit even better for us.


Some photos:



Information about all the clubs in 3rd division (2014/2015):


Dynamo Dresden

Groups: Main group is Ultras Dynamo.

Other groups are Eastside Dresden, Yellow Madness and Freak Boyz. These 3 groups were the first ultra groups in Dresden in the late 90s and their banners was on the fence for a long time. But now, only some of the old ultras are still active.

Ostalgie was for a long time inactive, but started now with some new people.

Most important groups next to Ultras Dynamo is probably Supporters Bautzen, Devils Dynamo, OSL Bande, Dresden Ost and Dresden West. Also Faust des Ostens, they ere banned from the sector some years ago, but now they returned to the terrace with lot of young people.

There is also a few other smaller groups, such as Aktivist 53,  Dritte Generation Ost, Brigade53 and Solo Ultras (Not much active around games anymore).


Hooligans: OSL-Bande and HOEL (now dissolved). It's said that Faust de Ostens had a comeback this season. Lads from Hooligans Elbflorenz suffer by repression and many lads in court now days.

Friends: Red Kaos Zwickau and Horda Zla Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina).

Enemies: Hansa Rostock, Cottbus, Leipzig, Chemnitz, Magdeburg and some others.

Politics: Strictly apolitical.

Average attendance: 22 748.

Highest attendance: 29 652.



Hansa Rostock

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Groups: Main group is Suptras Rostock.

Other groups are Fanatics, Revolte Rostock 08, Wild Boyz, Youngs, Wolgästa, Blau Weiß Dynamic, Hansa Power Hamburg, Young Viking Güstrow, Baltic Boyz and Reisegruppe Ungemütlich.

Hooligans: Vorpommern Mob, Action Connection and Rostocker Jungs.

Friends: No friends!

Enemies: Dynamo Dresden, Energie Cottbus, Sankt Pauli, Hallescher FC and a few other.

Politics: Apolitical

Average attendance: 9958.

Highest attendance: 21 600.



Arminia Bielefeld

Groups: Main group is called "Lokal Crew/Block Eins Ultras. This group lost all their banners when someone broke into their container and stole it, therefore they only act as "Block Eins Ultras" which is the name of their sector.

Other groups are Boys Bielefeld. Used to be ultras-oriented when they are founded in 1995, but is more like normal supporters now days.

Hooligans: Blue Army Bielefeld

Friends: Old friendship with Hannover 96 and Hamburger SV.

Enemies: Münster.

Politics: Perhaps against racism, but in general apolitical.

Average attendance: 14 538.

Highest attendance: 25 172.


Preußen Münster

Groups: The ultras scene is now split. They had a great fan scene with the Curva Monsteria, but they dissolved and Deviants separated from them. But on away games they stand together.

Ultras groups in the Fiffi-Geritzen Curva: Gruppo Resistente, Lunatics, Punzengarde, Kategorie Münster and Preußen Fighters.

Ultras groups in sector M: Deviants and their youth group Rejected Youth.

Hooligans: First Scream and Pathofresistence.

Friends: Deviants have a friendship with Ultramarines Bordeaux (France). Fiffi Geritzen Curva have a friendship with Pescara Rangers (Italy), Heracles Almelo and Charleroi.

Enemies: Osnabrück and Bielefeld

Politics: Deviants are left, Fiffi Geritzen Curva is apolitical.

Average attendance: 9143.

Highest attendance: 14 300.



VFL Osnabrück

Groups: Main group is Violet Crew 02.

Other groups are Lila Panther, AmigOS, Brigade Nord and Inferno Osnabruck 08.

Hooligans: Rock'n Rolla.

Friends: Some contacts with Djurgården (Sweden).

Enemies: Münster and Meppen

Politics: Apolitical (anti-racist).

Average attendance: 8 724.

Highest attendance: 15 500.


Energie Cottbus

Groups: Main group is Inferno Cottbus 99 which is currently banned by the club.

Other groups are Collektivo Bianco Rosso 02, Frontside Cottbus and Ultima Raka 02.

Hooligans: WK 13 Boys.

Friends: Collektivo Bianco Rosso and Frontside have friendship with Chemnitz (NS-Boys). Ultima Raka and Inferno Cottbus have good contacts with Commando Cannstatt 97 (VFB Stuttgart) and Union Berlin.

Enemies: Dynamo Dresden, Hertha BSC and Hansa Rostock.

Politics: Mainly right-wing. Ultima Raka is anti-racists.

Average attendance: 7 523.

Highest attendance: 14 807.


Borussia Dortmund 2

Groups: Sometimes good number of fans from various groups attend Dortmund's second team, especially when they face interesting clubs.

Politics: Officially apolitical.

Average attendance: 2 897.

Highest attendance: 9 999.


Hallescher FC

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Groups: Main group is Saalefront Halla.

Other groups are Sektion 19 (youths of Saalefront), Coesa per Sempre, Redwhite Crew, Ultras Red White.

Hooligans: Halle Ost.

Friends: Lok Leipzig and RW Erfurt

Enemies: Main rival is FC Magdeburg (In 2015/2016 these two clubs finally meet again!). Other enemies are Chemie Leipzig and Jena.

Politics: Apolitical, but their hooligans pretend to be more right-wring.

Average attendance: 7 242.

Highest attendance: 12 466.


MSV Duisburg

Groups: There is two main groups, Kohorte and Proud Generation. Kohorte also have a sub-group for the youths which is named Jungsspounde.

Other groups are Fascinated Crew who stand near Kohorte. Block 10 and Toastbrot Duisburg is not really ultras, but still part of the scene as well.

Hooligans: Division, Forever, Duisburg and Borachos. There is a conflict between Kohorte and the hools because of politics.

Friends: Don't know.

Enemies: Essen, Bochum, Aachen and some more clubs. But they seem to have more internal fights than fights with other clubs.

Politics: Kohorte is left-wing, Proud Generation apolitical and hooligans is ring-wing.

Average attendance: 13 500.

Highest attendance: 31 002.


Chemnitzer FC

Groups: Main group is Ultras Chemnitz 99.

Other groups are Southside Supporters, Tradition Stribt nie, Gate Six and Contra Cultura Chemnitz.

Hooligans: HoNaRa and NS-Boys.

Friends: Ultras Ultras Chemnitz 99 have a friendship with Bulldogs Zürich (Grashoppers Zürich). NS-Boys with FS Cottbus (Energie Cottbus).

Enemies: Don't know.

Politics: Ultras apolitical, Hooligans right-wing.

Average attendance: 5 803.

Highest attendance: 10 000.


Rot Weiß Erfurt

Groups: Main group is Erfordia Ultras 99.

Hooligans: Kategorie EF

Friends: Lok Leipzig, Halle and Legione Cybea (Massa).

Enemies: Jena.

Politics: Ultras apolitical, hooligans is right-wing.

Average attendance: 5 815.

Highest attendance: 10 676.


SSV Jahn Regensburg

Groups: Main group is Ultras Regensburg 01.

Other groups are Jahnsters 09 and Red Generation.

Friends: Blaue Bomber Stuttgart (Stuttgart Kicker) and Linzer Blauhelme (Blau-Weiß Linz). Jahnster have a friendship with Victoria Plzen (Czech Republic).

Enemies: Main enemy is Burghausen. Other enemies are Augsburg, Ingolstad and Fürth.

Politics: Apolitical.

Average attendance: 3 681.

Highest attendance: 8 752.


Stuttgarter Kickers

Groups: Blaue Bomber Stuttgart 95, Blue Chaos Crew Stuttgart, Mara 0711 and Blue Fanatics.

Friends: Ultras Regensburg (Jahn Regensburg), Linzer Blauhelme (Blau-Weiß Linz) and some connection with fans of FC Zürich (Switzerland).

Enemies: VFB Stuttgart and SSV Reutilngen.

Politics: Apolitical (against racism).

Average attendance: 4 436.

Highest attendance: 8 650.


Spvgg Unterhaching

Groups: Perferia Combattente and Original Boys 2010.

Friends: Spvgg Bayreuth (Szene Bayreuth).

Enemies: 1860 Munchen and Burghausen.

Politics: Apolitical (against racism).

Average attendance: 2 550.

Highest attendance: 7 000.


Fortuna Köln

Groups: Fortuna Eagles Supporters. They are said to be the oldest ultras group in Germany, founded in 1986!

Other groups are Schang Gäng and FC Mülltonn.

Friends: Don't know.

Enemies: Viktoria Köln.

Politics: Apolitical.

Average attendance: 2 196.

Highest attendance: 7 000.


Wehen Wiesbaden

Groups: Supremus Dilectio and Tornados Wehen.

Friends: FC Ingolstadt.

Politics: Apolitical (against racism).

Average attendance: 3 513.

Highest attendance: 9 000.


Holstein Kiel

Groups: Supside Kiel and Fastfoodkolonne Kiel 98.

Friends: Ultras Midtjylland (Denmark).

Enemies: Lübeck

Politics: Apolitical.

Average attendance: 6 222.

Highest attendance: 9 167.


SG Sonnenhof Großaspach

Groups: Szene Aspach 08.

Friends: Don't know.

Enemies: Don't know.

Politics: Apolitical.

Average attendance: 2 414.

Highest attendance: 7 329.


No special information to add about Mainz 05 II and Stuttgart II. Both teams have just more than 1000 spectators as average attendance this season.

Source: www.european-football-statistics.co.uk , Ultras-Tifo Forum.