Rapid Wien fans allowed to use pyro on their stadium!

New pyrotechnic regulation at Rapid Vienna!

New pyrotechnic regulations at Rapid Vienna!

Rapid is the club with the highest fines every season in Austria. A few weeks ago their fan section was closed for usage of pyrotechnics. Their club manager Christoph Peschek (he has connection to the active fanscene) discussed with the authorities and fans for a solution for this „problem“.

And they found a compromise: Rapid fans are allowed to burn 4 times per game and after every goal flares. It´s allowed to burn flares (no firecrackers or rockets) in safety zones. A few years ago there were also solutions like that, but when the fans followed the rules, police and authorities broke them and found senseless reasons to fine them (for example the safe distance was to small).

We will see how this will work and will the Rapid groups accept it.