Wisla Krakow - Ruch Chorzow 30.10.2015

www.ultras-tifo.netNEWS: Security sprayed away fans with fire extinguishers!


NEWS: Security sprayed away fans with fire extinguishers!

Another scandal caused by Polish security. When the away fans from Chorzow lighted flares, security sprayed some of the fans with fire extinguishers!

Result: Fans got angry and started to throw pyrotechnics on security and onto the pitch.


Before this match security didn't allow Ruch Chorzow fans to use any choreography's, even flags on sticks were not allowed! But even with strict security system fans of Ruch managed to smuggle in about 200 flares, 60 "wroclaw fires" (yellow fire), some other pyrotechnics and one BIG bomb!

See video below for the "bomb".

The message is simple: You can't stop ULTRAS!


Distance between Krakow and Chorzów is less than 100km. Away sector was sold out, 1 600 fanatics.


Last year police used pepper spray on one fan holding a flare in the match between Slask Wroclaw and Zaglebie Lubin.



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Source: www.niebiescy.pl