Eintracht Frankfurt - Darmstadt 98, 06.12.2015

www.ultras-tifo.netNEWS: Angry fans interrupted derby in Germany!

NEWS: Angry fans interrupted derby in Germany!

A lot of emotions among the fans of Eintracht Frankfurt after they lost 1-0 against their "little brother" Darmstadt 98.

Darmstadt is located only 15 minutes outside the city center of Frankfurt.

8 years ago they played in 5th division (Oberliga Hessen) of German football. Last season they promoted to Bundesliga 1 after only one season in 2nd division.

And right now the small club, who only got a stadium capacity of 16 000, is on 12th place 4 points ahead of their "big brother" Eintracht Frankfurt!


In the end of the match angry Eintracht fans set fire on banners and materials stolen from Darmstadt 98. They also tried to invade the pitch, but a massive police squad had control on the situation. Match got interrupted for a while, but they managed to play the last seconds of it.






Away fans:



Source: www.since1899.de