Ultras in Bulgaria signed Ultras code of honor

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Special ultra-code signed in Bulgaria



19.02. is now a date to remember in Bulgaria where ultras of all big clubs gathered in Plovdiv to sign a special Ultras code of honor.


Bulgarian hools scene is very active, but last few years there were some bad injuries, due to weapons used in the fights. One of the biggest problems are a lot of youth-groups whose members develop the false feelings of living the mafia style.


Older fans and top groups decided it is time for a change, before it is too late. Bulgarian ultras decided to use unwritten and written rules from the Russian and Polish scene as an example to create own code called "Code of honor".


The code was accepted by the main groups of CSKA Sofia, Levski Sofia, Lokomotiv Sofia, Slavia Sofia, Lokomotiv Plovdiv, Botev Plovdiv, Beroe Stara Zagora, Spartak Varna, Cherno More Varna, Neftochimic Burgas & others.

It is now in their hands to make sure the youths and smaller groups in their stands will adopt it too.


Bulgarian Ultras code of honor:

1. Total ban of using any weapons during fights with other fans.

2. Don't attack in style "many vs one/few", try to fight in roughly equal numbers.

3. Knocked-out opponent or one fallen into a state of inability to defend is not to fight anymore.

4. Do not attack women, kids or any regular fans.

5. Do not seek for confrontation with your opponent on his work place, home or when he is with his family.

6. Do not fight with other fans when on a national holiday, NT game or other similar events.

7. Do not take any personal belongings that are not associated with club/group. That represents theft.

8. Do not complaint to the police against other fans who did not violate the code rules.

9. In case of not following the code-rules, main people/groups can take care and punish their own member.

10. Stop the propagation of use of weapons, such as stickers, clothing or graffiti with knifes, bats etc.

11. Promote the "clear fight" with hands with clothing, stickers and others.

12. Do not destroy opponents graffiti if it is on the territory of their stadium.


We know it will be very hard for all fans and groups to follow this code the first months, but hopefully these new codes will be followed.

Source: Ultras Bulgaria