Lazio - Roma 03.04.2016

www.ultras-tifo.netItaly: Another derby without ultras...

Italy: Another derby without ultras...


The security situation in Stadio Olimpico hasn't changed since the last derby and therefore the boycott by ultras of both Lazio and Roma continue.

At the derby last Sunday estimated only 10 000 football fans attended the match, and there was total silence during match.


Instead of attending the match, ultras of Lazio gathered inside a building to watch the match on TV.

Ultras of Roma took to the streets to protest.


For several months now fans of both clubs have boycotted home games in protest of the decision to split the supporter stands with barriers. In middle of the stands, authorities has required glass fences to split up the crowd of supporters, as well as "security lines". Both famous Curva Nord (Lazio) and Curva Sud (Roma) is effected by this.








Watch from 2:36 minutes when the situation is described in this video: