14 Sevilla hooligans fined 60 000 euros each!

Spain: Brutal punishment after fight between Sevilla and Juventus last year.

22nd of November 2016 Sevilla played against Juventus in Champions League. Night before the match in Spain a group of hooligans of Sevilla attacked one pub with visiting Juventus fans. At least one Italian lad got stabbed in this attack.


After this incident 14 fans of Sevilla got arrested and brought to the court. The result is now clear:

Each of the 14 Sevilla fans is fined with 60 000 euros and banned from football matches for 5 years. In total, 840 000 euros in fine for all of them!


This is not the first case with insane fines in Spain. Football related crime is treated much harder than any other crimes in Spain. Many of the old famous ultras groups is also banned and made illegal to join.

Probably cheaper to be a rapist than hooligan in Spain...

Source: sevilla.eldesmarque.com