Fenerbahce fans invaded pitch during friendly match

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www.ultras-tifo.netFenerbahce - Shaktar suspended after rioting.


Fenerbahce - Shaktar 21.07.2011. postponed after trouble.

Referee had to stop the friendly match between Fenerbahce (Turkey) - Shaktar Donetsk (Ukraine) as angry supporters invaded the pitch.

Already before the match the atmosphere were aggressive. The Turkish Football Federation is investigating a serious Match fixing scandal taking place in Turkey. They have charged and jail around 30 suspects, including Fenerbahce's President, Aziz Yildirim.

Fenerbahce supporters means this is conspiracy, they mean he is clean and support him. During the match you can see several banners for the president, after a while supporters attack journalist because they are angry on their views and news about their President.

In the 58th minute two fans invaded the pitch wearing T-shirts with picture of Aziz Yildirim. Match started again, but already in the 67th minute pitch got invaded again, this time with a lot more supporters.


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