Dinamo Zagreb sued BBB for throwing flares and won: Fans have to pay club 15k euros!

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Dinamo Zagreb won lawsuit against their fans Bad Blue Boys

As you know, BBB are in war with their club board for very long time. Even now when Zdravko Mamić is convicted for taking money from Dinamo (he run to Bosnia to escape prison time), still his influence in club is present.

But let's go 6 years in the past. Dinamo played against Sherrif in Champions league qualifications (8th August 2012). Bad Blue Boys in those days were situated among normal fans on East stand of Maksimir stadium (on their North stand police repression was too huge because war with Mamić so they decided to move on East).

During the match BBB throw 10 flares on the pitch and referee had to stop match for three times. The rage against Mamić was that big that BBB wanted to kick Dinamo out of Champions league. And they almost did it. After the match referee said that one more flare was thrown he would stop match and send players to locker rooms.

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UEFA fiend Dinamo with 30k euros fine for those flares and now we come to interesting part.

After police identify 4 BBB who throw flares Dinamo sued them on local court. Six years later court declared them guilty and they had to pay 15 000 euros to Dinamo.


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