Brigate Gialloblu 40th anniversary

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www.ultras-tifo.netOne of the oldest Italian groups celebrate 40 years!


One of the oldest Italian groups celebrate 40 years!

Brigate Gialloblu /=\, ultras of Hellas Verona were born in 1971 as one of the first Italian Ultra groups. Just a few groups such as Fossa dei Leoni (Milan), Ultras Granata (Torino) and the Ultras Tito Cucchiaroni (Sampdoria) were founded before Brigate.

In 1987 Police stormed houses to some of the leaders of Brigate. They arrested 12 lads for criminal reasons, this was the first time in Italy a group of football supporters were considered to be outlaws.

The police had investigated them for a while, similar to what they do when hunting for mafia or terrorists. Police held these 12 lads responsible for everything the group did, like damaging a lot of cars in Brescia few weeks earlier. In the next match against Roma a banner appeared "Non 12 ma 5000 colpevoli" (Not 12 but 5000 guilty).


Beside of this they are among the most respected ultras in Italy with a rich history.


Photos & Videos:

From 1971




Bologna away in the 70's




Hellas Verona - AC Milan 1983/1984


Hellas Verona - AC Milan 1984/1985






Famous match against PAOK in 1986/1987


In Roma 1986/1987




In Roma 1987/1988






Hellas Verona - Pescara 2009/2010


Hellas Verona - Sampdoria 2011/2012