A-League Most-watched Football Derbies

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The game of football is always about thrill and excitement. Sometimes, however, things can get messy, especially when fans begin to throw tantrums at each other. Some of the world's most-watched football derbies have even ended in a loss of lives due to the unruly behaviour of fans. Argentina's football teams Boca Junior and River Plate are arguably the fiercest soccer rivals in the world. In 2018, the final leg of Copa Libertadores was played outside Argentina after River Plate fans attacked the Boca Junior team bus. At Football Whispers, you can find the latest news about the world's most-watched soccer derbies.


Australia’s A-League is not Spared of Fierce Football Derbies

You would also agree that A-League is equally riddled with nail-biting football rivalries. The following are the fiercest and most-watched football fixtures in the A-League.

F-3 Derby: Newcastle Jets vs. Coastal Mariners Rivalry

F-3 Derby in Australia is a bit unique. The two teams are both based outside the capital yet hate each other with passion. The most memorable moment between the two teams was in 2007/8 when both teams finished at the top of the league. A grand finale was then set between the two New South Wales teams. Newcastle Jets beat the Mariners by a goal to nil in the fixture. The match was particularly rife with controversial refereeing decisions.
In the 2020/21 season, the Mariners are already topping the table and Newcastle Jets sits in the 12th position. With only 13 games played, it may too early to predict the league winner.

Sydney Derby: Western Sydney Wanderers vs. Sydney F.C

The Sydney derby is a case of the west meets the east in Australia's capital. It is one of the most fought football games in the league, pitting two bitter rivals on the big stage. Usually, the match between the two teams brings Sydney to a standstill. Regardless of whether the match is played in the east or west, the electrifying atmosphere is always something to remember. In the 2020/21 season, Western Sydney sits in the second position, with Sydney FC occupying the 6th slot on the table. Sydney FC has won most of the previous fixtures between the two rivals.

Sydney FC vs. Melbourne Victory: a Tale of Australia’s Football Titans

The rivalry between Melbourne Victory and Sydney FC is comparable to Liverpool vs. Manchester United hatred. It is a tale of two of Australia’s football titans competing for dominance. Last season (2019/20), the two teams topped the league. Sydney was first with 53 points, only 6 points ahead of their fiercest rivals, Melbourne Victory. A grand finale between the two teams is always a possibility at the end of every A-league season.

Melbourne Victory vs. Adelaide United

Popularly referred to as the Original A-League derby, a meeting between Melbourne Victory and Adelaide United is often nostalgic. It is a bitter inter-state rivalry pitting Victoria against South Australia. A highlight of the rivalry came in the 2006/7 season when then Adelaide coach, John Kosmina clashed with the captain of Melbourne Victory on the sidelines. Melbourne is the last in the current league table and Adelaide occupies the third position.