Polish police check DNA on flares

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www.ultras-tifo.netPolice started investigation after Lech Poznan - Zaglebie Lubin.


Police started investigation after Lech Poznan - Zaglebie Lubin.

Repression of Polish Ultras reached a higher level this week when police started investigation to find out who lighted the flares during a match against Zaglebie Lubin a week ago.

Supporters of Lech Poznan took up a huge banner during the match, under it they lighted lot of flares, and later lot of flares among flags and match had to stop due to smoke. Of course people who did this made sure to cover their faces.

Day after the match the police chief ordered full investigation to find out who lighted the flares and how they got it inside the stadium. Police asked security at the stadium how this could happen, as the security were supposed to check everyone who entered this sector. One option is they got the flares in many hours before the match, and the cameras were not turned on that early.

Police also took fingerprints of used flares they could find, and even check for DNA!

Lech Poznan already received a fine on 4500euro from the Polish football federation.

Source: www.gozeta.pl


Photos from the match:

Photo & video report from this match here!


During the past years Polish Ultras lighted lot of pyro without any bigger problems. But before Euro 2012 politicians want to show UEFA a better side of Polish football supporters, and of course Poland. Rules are way more strict now, and if you break them the punishment are way more serious then it used to be. We wonder how real crime are punished in Poland?


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