AIK - Napoli 22.11.2012

www.ultras-tifo.netEuropa League: Lot of tension before this match!


Europa League: Lot of tension before this match!

Lot of talk about this match during the days before kick off. Few Swedish supporters were stabbed when they went to Napoli - AIK for the first meet in Italy. AIK supporters wanted revenge.

This match was also the very last at famous Råsunda stadium. After 75 years AIK will now play their matches at a new modern National "Arena".

It's been reported many attacks on Napoli supporters before the match, but not any big riots. Police seemed to be well organized before this match.


Photos & Videos:

Graffiti "fuck Napoli" made around Råsunda Stadium.


"The legend of Råsunda immortalized with time"
1937 - The year Råsunda opened.


"In our hearts the sun will always rise over Råsunda"

"We gonna miss you for the rest of our lives"




Away fans:

Good numbers from Napoli, from south of Italy to the north of Europe.






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