Brøndby - FC København 05.05.2013

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www.ultras-tifo.netDenmark: Derby of Copenhagen!


Denmark: Derby of Copenhagen!

3000 FC København supporters celebrated as Danish champions inside Brøndby's stadium.




Person in middle with black hoodie is Brøndby player Dario Dumic. He had suspension and stood in the capo tower during whole match.


Banners during match saying: “3.000 people to company party? Even in the lower divisions we would be more than you”.



FC København:

"Our champions"

"Our Copenhagen"

"Resident in Copenhagen, love to the concrete (slang for brøndby suburbs)..."
"Begging around the country.." (Because brøndby had been collecting money from people all over Denmark to survive)
"Mentality Vestegnen?"

"8 years without groupstage and championships"
"5 years without titles"
"The pride of Denmark?"

Banners referring to the title Brondby give them self as the pride of Denmark.


Celebration in end of match:

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