Rot-Weiss Essen - Alemannia Aachen 23.08.2013

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www.ultras-tifo.netGERMANY: Old rivalry in 4th division!

GERMANY: Old rivalry in 4th division!

Distance between Essen and Aachen is 135km. The game was between two rivals who haven't played against each others for many years. Both clubs dropper down in the lower leagues after financial difficulties, leaving the clubs bankrupt.

But there is still great support when these clubs play, average of 8000 - 10 000 spectators.

Goal for both clubs is to fight back and one day play in the Bundesliga.


Rot-Weiss Essen:

The Choreography consists of two parts. The first being the man in the hat, Georg Melches the Founder of Rot Weiss Essen.

Translation of the banner: "Melches we will be thankful forever..."

The second part is the club coat of arms, and that banner say: "...for this coat of arms and this club"

Alemannia Aachen:

Many fans arrived with buses. Huge police forces followed them to the away sector. When match started many hundred fans still waited to entering the gates.



Video from the match: