Rayo Vallecano - Valladolid 25.10.2013

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www.ultras-tifo.netSpain: Protests against modern football.

Spain: Protests against modern football.

Fans of Rayo Vallecano are fed up by TV controlling when their matches will be played. This match was Friday.


"Here lies the lifeless body of football. Schedules and business killed it."


Earlier this season 30th of August they also had a protest in the match against Levante. Kick-off: Friday 23:00!


"Don't disturb our friend, it's time to sleep, not time for football"


"Epi, football wasn't on weekend? "

(Epi and Blas are 2 very know cartoons for kids on the TV)


Rayo Vallecano fans also had demonstration in the streets:


Against modern football!