Malmø Tifo 2010!

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Malmø (Sweden) celebrated 100 years this season (Swedish football is played from March - November).

Supporters made Tifo in nearly every home game, celebrating the clubs heroes and rich history.


Match 1

Tribute to the first Malmø-team in the history (1910).


Match 2

Tribute to the old club logo.


Match 3

Tribute to the first season in Allsvenskan (First league in Sweden)


Match 4

Tribute to Eric Persson, a big person in Malmø`s history. Did lead Malmø from 1937-1975!


Match 5

Tribute to the first gold in Malmø`s history.


Match 6

Tribute to the team who took 3 gold in row between 1949-1951, undefeated for 49 games.


Match 7

Our Game - Our Time manifestation.


Match 8

Tribute to their 3 stadiums they played at.


Match 9

Tribute to the year 1965-1971


Match 10


Match 11

Celebrating the club shield and colors


Match 12

Tribute to best manager, Bob Houghton.


Match 13

Record in Allsvenskan, win gold 5 years in row.


Match 14

1999 disappointment (Relegation) - 2000 comeback (back to Allsvenskan) - 2004 gold


Match 15

Tribute to Malmø FF today (Match they also won the gold!!!)




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