Valerenga - Lyn 04.06.2014

www.ultras-tifo.netNorway: Good show when the old rivals met in the cup.

Norway: Good show when the old rivals met in the cup.

The derby between Vålerenga and Lyn used to be among the best matches in Norway. But few years ago Lyn went bankrupt and had to start up again in the lower divisions.

This year they play in 3rd division and draw Vålerenga in the third round of cup.





Banner for famous player who had his last match for Vålerenga:




For some reason Vålerenga had huge problems beating Lyn in the derbies few years ago and fans often spoke about the "derby ghost".

In this choreography Lyn wrote "The league are for farmers" and painted two ghosts.


Lyn lost the match and in the end they showed a new banner "The cup is for farmers".





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