FC Union Berlin - Red Bull Leipzig 21.09.2014

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Germany: Silent first 15 minutes and protest against modern football!

Interesting match in 2. Bundesliga. Union Berlin with a big protest against modern football and Red Bull Leipzig. Our friend from Groundhopping etc sent us photos and explained each of the banners:


Union Berlin fans clad the entire stadium in black ponchos and posted some messages all round the stadium. After a totally silent protest first 15 minutes of the match, songs erupted loudly. And best of all, Union Berlin won 2-1 against the modern club!



Black ponchos and postcards explaining the situation and the plan were handed out to every Union fan.

"Football culture dies in Leipzig"

“Football needs: participation – faithfulness – terracing – emotions – pro bono work – financial fair play – tradition – transparency – passion – stories – independence.”


Union fans angry about a media partnership with a tabloid that leaked information multiple times recently.

"Creations like you are the death of football culture - and that's more than just negativity"


Away fans:



Source: Groundhopping Etc