Rayo Vallecano - Eibar 03.11.2014

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www.ultras-tifo.netSpain: Very original protest against modern football!

Spain: Very original protest against modern football!

Fans of Rayo made a protest against modern football with a Simpson show.

Below we translate every banner from the protest during the match. Pay attention to how the banners changes and the Simpson characters.

This match was played on a Monday with kick-off 20:45.





"Last news from Vallekas (neighborhood in Madrid where Rayo play): New protest against business-football"


"More broadcasting rights, more money for our pockets!"


"Mamma mia! authentic mafiosi in LFP family.."


"They can have all the money of the world.. but could never buy our passion!"


"I like football on Mondays. I`m special!"


"Modern football.. fuck off!"


"Nobody care about kids??"


"With this schedules, we don't fill even a bus mates!"


"Is this the best league of that planet? hahahahahahhaha..."


"Last news! A fan avalanche force us to cut emissions"




This protest is worth one like!