Crvena Zvezda - Partizan 25.04.2015

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www.ultras-tifo.netSerbia: Big Belgrade derby delayed because of fight with cops.

Serbia: Big Belgrade derby delayed because of fight with cops.

First fight occurred outside the south stand (away stand) about an hour before kick-off. Fans of Partizan clashed with police.


Few minutes before kick-off of the derby number 148, a new fight broke out, this time between Zvezda fans and Partizan fans on the long side.

Police got involved very quick and the whole situation escalated. Police made one very big mistake here. For the first time since the "Uros incident" in 2006, riot police entered the north stand which belongs to Delije. In 2006 Delije nearly killed an undercover cop in the same stand, since then police never entered this part of the stadium.

Photo from 2006:


The fight continued for about 45 minutes and referee took the players off the pitch until things calmed down.

According to Serbian newspapers, 35 cops were injured. 41 supporters arrested.


Attendance: 45 000 (~10 000 Partizan fans).




Partizan vs Police


Zvezda vs. Partizan and later police:



After 45 minutes the match could start:

Delije, Crvena Zvezda


Grobari, Partizan





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