Crystal Palace - Southampton 12.12.2015

www.ultras-tifo.netEngland: 10th anniversary of Holmesdale Fanatics!

England: 10th anniversary of Holmesdale Fanatics!

10 years with superb support in England - These lads proved it is possible in England too!

Holmesdale Fanatics started with a few lads back in 2005 and gathered in the corner of the Holmesdale Road stand at Selhurst Park. During the years the group grew bigger and bigger. They have already displayed several nice choreographies and improved the atmosphere at Selhurst Park a lot. Some say Crystal Palace now days is the club with the best supporters in England.

With what Holmesdale Fanatics has archived, we do hope more groups in England find motivation to organize and improve the atmosphere in their stadium.


After this match against Southampton, the club manager Pardew joined the ultras in their own pub.