Graffiti war between Feyenoord and Utrecht fans

Holland: Ultras graffiti war



Holland: Ultras graffiti war


On the 24th of April the Dutch cup final between Feyenoord and FC Utrecht will be played in Rotterdam. Prior to the final a true graffiti war unleashed with the two sets of fans involved.


Last month street artist KBTR from Utrecht sprayed the first art of this war, a gnome (the symbol of this artist) stealing the cup from Rotterdam.


Reason for Feyenoord supporters Knor and Polski to come with a reaction. The first reaction from Feyenoord side shows 'Olli' stealing the cup back out of Utrecht while leaving the Dom church burning.


Another KBTR piece showed a army of gnomes attacking an elephant (most likely to be Olli). Not long after Knor and Polski made another reaction, showing Bokito eating a gnome with a clear subscription under it.


Things got to a next level when Rotterdam street art crew Lastplak got involved, together with some international artists from Paris and Antwerp they sprayed a huge piece in the Rotterdam harbour. Since then different sprayers boosted up the Feyenoord score, with the Utrecht side staying on three.


Utrecht graffiti:


Feyenoord graffiti: