Brøndby - Hertha Berlin 04.08.2016

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www.ultras-tifo.netEuropa League: Two big pyro shows by the Germans!

Europa League: Two big pyro shows by the Germans!

Another interesting match between Brøndby (Denmark) and Hertha Berlin (Germany).

The Germans were clearly looking for revenge after Brøndby fans had a big pyro show last week. About an hour before kick-off a group of estimated 300 masked Hertha Berlin fans stormed the entrance at Brøndby Stadion. As they managed to avoid security check, they also managed to smuggle a lot of pyro inside the stadium.

First show was with flags and different kind of pyrotechnics, later they had a big show with flares. Very impressive!


The Hertha's player bus has also been reported attacked, but no injuries.






Hertha Berlin:




Article will be updated with more and better photos.