Top 5 Asian ultras

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Photos and videos from the Asian scene!

The Asian supporters scene is highly under reported.  Fan culture has had roots in the continent since the 1970’s where the terraces of Europe first began to influence football culture across the globe.  Today, Asian football is on the rise, and with the expansion of the World Cup, and high levels of investment being thrown into international football, the sport, and culture around it are destined to grow! 
There are incredible scenes across the continent, beyond the teams in this list. The Tehran derby, or the Derby of Baghdad which took place last week... Thailand and Cambodia are also incredible, with both nations increasingly embracing the Ultras scene. National teams like Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia also have a massive support. In China, the Ultras scene is new, but as investment continues to grow, the passion will surely make its way there as well, and with them will come Ultras.
In the end, these scenes remind us that we are all more connected then we think. As ultras we all share the same spirit of friendship, rebellion, and a general disdain for those who rule football. The Asian Ultras scene will grow, and together, as fans, our voice will only become louder!


Copa90 published a top 5 list of Asian ultras (list is not made by!):


Urawa Reds:






East Bengal:


PSS Sleman:



During the past years we have also posted several articles from matches in Asia, here is a few of them:


- Thailand - Indonesia 17.12.2016


- Al Quwa Al Jawiya - Al Zawra'a 10.02.2016


- Al Shorta - Al Quwa Al Jawiya 14.12.2015


- Muangthong United - Songkhla 13.07.2014


- Kelantan FA – Johor Darul Takzim 29.06.2013

Source: Copa90