Sarajevo - Levski Sofia 26.07.2012

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www.ultras-tifo.netInteresting match in Europa League.


Interesting match in Europa League.

Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina) vs Levski Sofia (Bulgaria).

Little bit tension before this match because of banners and songs from first meet in Sofia.


Banner: "To the last day of my life..."
Card Display: "Only Saraj'vo"



Levski Sofia:

Small report from our member "Liberta per gli Pyro":

The trip to Sarajevo was the worst ever. Distance that you can easily take it for 7-8h was passed for 15+ hours and the roads in Bosnia are of one the worst you can imagine. To drive with more that 50-60 km/h is impossible in this country. We were watching and listening whole week how we have united Bosnia as never before. That's why I was totally shocked when every village or city we passed was full of Serbian flags and the local people greeted us like we were Liberation army. The surprise was full in the town of Rogotica or something like that, where the half of the population was on the streets enjoying our passing. The situation was the same in Eastern Sarajevo where we again were met like heroes.

Finally we reached that ugly city just 40 minutes before the game, because of acab (cops). Our food, water and even deos were taken. Reason?!

The acab were letting the fans to enter the stadium only bus by bus. Robocops and terminators were blocking the doors and no one could leave it before they gave permission. After all, banners, many scarves, even t-shirts were not let in. Fucking morons.

I entered the stadium at 20th minute when it was already 2:0 for the home team. Fans were entering, until the final whistle for the first half. To travel 2 days, just to watch 90 minutes the team of your life and fucking acab to let you in for the second half it's really, really awful.

We had our good moments on the stand, despite everything, so it was a good experience. We are not mad so much of the defeat, but of the player's and team management's attitude. In 2001, we had away game in Turkey against Galatasaray and we also had problems with entering the stadium, but then our sports-director said that the game won't begin, until the last fan of Levski enter in. Yesterday, we didn't see such support from those who are wearing the colors of our life and that's what hurts the most.

When we arrived in Sofia 3 of 5 buses stopped directly at our stadium, where we had some "talks" with our puss..., sorry, players. After 30-40 minutes we left the stadium area.