17 October 2017
Sturm Graz - Austria Wien 15.10.2017

Austria: 10 years of 10  SWS Sturm.

17 October 2017
Inter - AC Milan 15.10.2017

Italy: Derby of Milano.

16 October 2017
RIOTS: Poli Timişoara - UTA Arad 15.10.2017

Romania: Fight during the derby in 2nd league.

11 October 2017
Estonia - Bosnia and Herzegovina 10.10.2017

WCQ: Bosnian fans disrupt game with flares!

08 October 2017
Carl Zeiss Jena - Rot-Weiss Erfurt 08.10.2017

Germany: Interesting derby in the regional cup!

07 October 2017
WCQ: Austria - Serbia 06.10.2017

20.000 Serbs in Austria

03 October 2017
Legia ultras attacked their own palyers after defeat in Poznan

Poland: Legia Warsaw players attacked by their own fans.

02 October 2017
Sporting CP - Porto 01.10.2017

Portugal, Lions vs Dragons

01 October 2017
Lech Poznan - Legia Warszawa 01.10.2017

Poland: Another great match between the two Polish rivals!

01 October 2017
Hamburger SV - Werder Bremen 30.09.2017

Germany: Massive choreography by fans of HSV.

30 September 2017
Etar - CSKA-Sofia 30.09.2017

Bulgaria, pyro from fans of both clubs

30 September 2017
Lyon - Atalanta 28.09.2017

Europa League: Impressive support by Italians!

29 September 2017
FC Köln - Crvena Zvezda 28.09.2017

Europa League: Hottest match this week in Europe!

28 September 2017
UEFA 17/18 Week 9: CL & EL group stage [2nd round]

CL & EL review: Second round in group stage!

27 September 2017
CSS Sfaxien - FUS Rabat 22.09.2017

Tunisia: Good show in the CAF Confederation Cup!

27 September 2017
Spartak Moscow - Liverpool 26.09.2017

UCL, "Win or Die" tifo by Spartak Ultras

27 September 2017
Bursaspor - Galatasaray 24.09.2017

Turkey: 50 years of Teksas group.

Interview with Juventude Leonina (Sporting CP - Portugal)


Ultras-Tifo : Hi Ricardo! First introduce yourself, please!
Hello. My name is Ricardo, I'm 19 years old and I support Sporting Portugal since the day I live. I'm a member of Juve Leo, the oldest ultra-group in Portugal! I'm also a member of Juve Leo Holanda, the Dutch department of Juventude Leonina.

UT: Tell us a bit of the history of your group.
Like I said, we are the oldest ultra-group in Portugal. The group was formed in 1976 by students and exists now for 30 years. The group evolved a lot in the eighties and as you can see in the picture-zone, there was a lot of tifo with blusses and huge flags. We were also the first in Portugal that used "cortejos", that is walking with banners, singing etc. to the stadium of our opponent. Our group reached a peek of 8.000 member in the nineties. Now we stand in the Curva Sul of our stadium, we bring a lot of people to away-games and we have around 40 nucleos (departments like JL Holanda).

UT: What is the meaning of Juve Leo and how is your relation to your town ?
The name means Young Lions. The club was formed by students (=Young) and the simbol of our club is the Lion (=Lions). We are proud of our city Lisbon. When we go to for example Porto, we sing a song called "Cheira bem, Cheira a Lisboa". This is kind of a funny way to show that we are proud of our city.

UT: Who are your rivals or friends?
Our main-rival is Benfica. We won the last three games with big numbers from them, that must have hurt! We have a friendship with Grobari (Partizan) and we used to have friendships with 7bello (Fiorentina) and B-side (Go Ahead Eagles). In Portugal we have good relationships with Mancha Negra (Academica).

UT: Is there an other ultra group from Sporting ?
Yes, 3 other groups. Torcida Verde since 1984, Duxxi since the beginning of this century and Brigada (really small group) since last year.

UT: Have your group political tendences ?
Not really...

UT: Tell us a bit of the whole scene of Juve Leo and the general organisation (Awaygames, etc.)
We have a small house next to the stadium where anyone can go with questions. We usually just get together somewhere near the stadium and then support our team. As for away-games, you can make reservations for the games. Sometimes we travel with lots of busses to a big game, sometimes we go by train and to games in Europe usually by plane (for example: Munique, Moscow and Milan this year).

UT: Can you tell someting about the Portuguese scene?
Its a good organised scene with new groups every year. In Portugal most people support the 2 big clubs (Sporting, Porto) and the small club Benfica so these have a lot of fans. The other clubs are getting there, they are growing quickly. As for the national team, some groups, but nothing special.

UT: Every group has targets for the future, what are your targets?
This is easy. Support our club as much as we can, whenever, wherever!

UT: How do you finance your group tifo´s and tours?
Everyone pays 15 euros each year, 25 for new members. The group sells merchandise and makes money of that so they can pay for stuff. As for the tours, we from Juve Leo Holanda are going with 18 guys to Milan, we all payed that from our own pocket!

UT: Have you a good relationship with your club?
Yes, we not always got the support from our president but now the relationship is good. We love our club!

UT: What is your opinion of the Ultramovement in Europe, what scene do you like most and which scene have a good development?
I think every country has some good ultras, its difficult to say which one I like most. There are a lot of countries with good development, Portugal and Holland are growing for example the last years.

 (This interview was done in October 2006)