Ultras from A to Z

Magic world of ultras described in our ultras alphabet.


Avanti Ultras - famous Italian slogan used by ultras all over the world. On English: "Forward Ultras!"

Ban - to get a ban from watching your favorite team, nightmare for every ultras.

Choreographies - we know how to make it spectacular!

Drums - they make our songs sound much better.

Enthusiasts - we do this for free, because we love it and it's our way of life.

Football - the most important thing in the World!

Goal - most beautiful moment on a match.

Hope - something we never lose.

Internet - admit, thanks to Internet ultras movement raised so much in last 5-10 years

Justice - for our brothers who are victims of the governments.

Kop - part of the stadium where ultras stand.

Liberta per gli ultras - Freedom for all ultras.

Mentality - the way of life!

No profit - against modern football.

Originality - in choreos, songs... all ultras tend to be original, no matter how hard it is today.

Pyroshow - for us it's the best show that we can imagine.

Quality - very important thing for ultras-groups.

Repression - A.C.A.B.

Stadium - our second home.

Torch - for ultra fans it's not only fire toy, it's also symbol of our mentality.

Ultras - no need to explain this one :)

Violence - yes, we know to riot sometimes, it's part of the game.

Win - on the pitch, on the terraces, on the streets... it very important to win!

XXX - sex, beer and football :)

Young guys - new generations keeps ultras spirit living.

Zero tolerance - our parents, girls, police, school teachers, bosses... they all often have zero tolerance to our way of life... but who cares!



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