Dynamo Kyiv ultras on 4 away matches in 11 days

dynamo away

Ukraine: Dynamo ultras on road (total distance traveled: 6700 km)

According to games schedule Dynamo Kyiv had to play 4 away games in 11 days. Of course, some supporters wanted to visit all of them, but had big problems with this idea. Why? Read the article...


Napoli - Dynamo (2500km)

First game was played 23rd November against Napoli in Italy. Dynamo mob (about 90 people) was stopped by police on train station Villa Literno, about 30 km from stadium. Police was told that Dynamo lads will be taken directly to the stadium by bus, but the bus stopped near police station and everyone was told to get out, or tear gas would be used. One bus of Dynamo supporters was escorted with 6 police buses and helicopter. Police confiscated knives and flares, so Dynamo fans were sitting in Police station till 4 o'clock in the morning and got a ban on football matches in Italy.

Actually, it was the strongest Dynamo Kyiv mob for several years, two groups (WBC and Rodychi) united to fight together against Napoli. Only 20-30 ultras were able to visit game in Naples.


Volyn Lutsk - Dynamo (400km)

3 days later, 26th of November, Dynamo played in Lutsk (close to Polish border) against Volyn.

Some fans went there directly from Naples, other were going from Kyiv. About 150 people in total. But the problem was that no spectators were allowed to attend this match. Volyn got this ban for their ultras behaviour in one of their previous matches.

Instead Dynamo fans gathered near hotel where their team was, to show the players they still had support in this match.


Home fans organized broadcasting of the game by video projector near the stadium, both Dynamo and Volyn ultras watched game together.

Chants and songs were well heard on the stadium, so after match players came to the fence to show their respect. It was the second game without getting into the stadium for Dynamo Kyiv fans.


Naftovyk Okhtyrka -Dynamo (360 km)

The third away match (Ukrainian cup quarter-final) was scheduled on 30th of November in Okhtyrka. This small city has population of only 50k people. There was a lot of tension ahead of this game because previous Dynamo match in Okhtyrka in 2008 ended up with massive fights with police and locals, both in the stadium and in the city (check video here).

This time police from the whole region came to Okhtyrka, all shops and bars in the city were told to be closed during the day. Over 300 Dynamo fans were on tour, but... one hour before kick off game was cancelled. Because of low temperature field was totally covered with ice and it was impossible to play on it. Dynamo fans were allowed to enter the stadium to make a group photo!


Vorskla Poltava - Dynamo (340km)

As you understand, the 4th away game was also with some problems. On the 3rd of December Dynamo was playing in Poltava against Vorskla. Simply look at this pictures - this is Vorskla stadium one hour before kick-off! During the whole day news were talking about game will be cancelled again. But luckily this match could start, and Dynamo fans were finally allowed to attend this match as well!

Dynamo ultras had to take snow shovels and to remove snow from guest section by their own. Otherwise they had to stay waist in snow. Check the winter atmosphere on these pictures!