Bordeaux - Marseille 19.11.2017

Bordeaux om 11

France: An Incredible celebration of Ultramarines 30th anniversary!

One of the best TIFO-shows in 2017!

Ultramarines, the main group of Bordeaux, celebrated their 30th anniversary last Sunday against Olympique Marseille. The main choreo exist of many different details, example the banner in the middle change several times during the show. 

Later in the match they also displayed more choreographies, including one big pyro show. Impressive!



Bordeaux om 1

Bordeaux om 2

Bordeaux om 3

Bordeaux om 4

Bordeaux om 11

Bordeaux om 5

Bordeaux om 6

Bordeaux om 7

Bordeaux om 12

Bordeaux om 8

Bordeaux om 14

Bordeaux om 13

Bordeaux om 10

Bordeaux om 15

Bordeaux om 16

Bordeaux om 9


Friends from Magic Fans 91 (Saint-Etienne) also displayed one huge banner during the match:

Bordeaux om 17


Away fans:

Bordeaux om 18



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