Koln - Hertha BSC 26.11.2017

Koln Schafer 8

Germany: Köln says goodbye to a legendary player, Hans Schäfer.

Legendary Köln player, Hans Schäfer, died on 7th November this year at a age of 90. Leaving Horst Eckel the only player still alive from the 1954 FIFA World Cup winner team.

Schäfer played for FC Köln from 1948 - 1965 and at the National Team from 1952 - 1962 (West Germany).


Fans of Köln honored Schäfer with corteo and banners in this match against Hertha BSC.



Koln Schafer 1

Koln Schafer 2

Koln Schafer 3

Koln Schafer 4

Koln Schafer 5

Koln Schafer 6

Koln Schafer 7

Koln Schafer 8



Source: www.wh96.de