Sevilla - Real Betis 06.01.2018

Sevilla Betis 5

Spain: Famous Derbi Sevillano!

Great passion in Sevilla when the two rivals met for the famous "derbi Sevillano".

The night before the match fans clashed outside a bar. It's said hooligans of Sevilla FC attacked. 

Match-day started with a very big welcome of the team bus by the home fans. Before kick-off ultras of Sevilla displayed a big choreography with a nice banner.



Sevilla Betis 6

Sevilla Betis 3

Sevilla Betis 7

Sevilla Betis 5

Sevilla Betis 1

Sevilla Betis 2


Away fans celebrating 5-3 victory after full time:

Sevilla Betis 4



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