PAOK - Olympiakos 25.02.2018

PAOK Olympiakos 8

Greece: Riots after the match got suspended!

Top match in Greece ended with riots in Thessaloniki. 

Match started very good with impressive support by the fans of PAOK. Loud song and amazing choreography with papers cuts and streamers. 

After a while, things changed. The coach of Olympiakos was hit by a paper roll (probably same material as the fans used for the tifo show) and the referee decided to call off the match. Home fans stood left shocked by the decision of the referee. Angry fans tried to attack the referee outside the stadium, but instead, they ended up with heavy clashes with the police.

PAOK got a 1 point lead at the table. After this match, Olympiakos will probably be given a 3-0 victory which brings them dangerously close to PAOK's position.



PAOK Olympiakos 5

PAOK Olympiakos 6

PAOK Olympiakos 2

PAOK Olympiakos 3

PAOK Olympiakos 4

PAOK Olympiakos 1

PAOK Olympiakos 9

PAOK Olympiakos 7

PAOK Olympiakos 8

PAOK Olympiakos 10

PAOK Olympiakos 11



Source: Carpe Diem

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