Riots after the city derby in Split 04.05.2013


CROATIA: RNK Split - Hajduk Split 04.05.2013

Hajduk supporters (Torcida) boycotted match because of high tickets prices. RNK Split club borad again tripled ticket price just for match against Hajduk. Torcida stayed outside stadium and sang from there.

After the match they clashed with police. 9 cops were injured. Reason for riots is probably police murder of Marko Azapović (18), member of Torcida. Nobody from police will probably ever respond for that. Last match at home Torcida "bombed" cops with flares. Check report.

Massages for Marko from other groups - CLICK HERE


"Azapović Marko present in spirit! Blue uniform is symbol of scum!"